2016 Trek Lift+ Lowstep

$ 2,799.00

Smooth, comfortable, empowering

Lift+ is a lightweight, electric-assist recreation bike that pairs an ultra-comfortable ride with the smooth, controlled, unbelievably fun power boost of our mid-drive motor.

Where would you like to go? Whatever route you choose, Lift+ will take you there with ease. Long rides? Hills? Headwinds? With Lift+ electric assist, nothing will slow you down.

  • Frame + components optimized for lightweight electric assist
  • Shimano STEPS mid-drive motor for smooth, balanced power
  • Confident ride—the perfect blend of comfort and performance
  • Disk brakes and tough tires for all-weather confidence

Intuitive Controls Simple control switches allow you to adjust power levels and lights without ever having to remove your hands from the handlebars.

Stepthrough Geometry Easy-on, easy-off stepthrough frame is perfect for anybody not interested in slinging a leg over the top tube.

Comfort Technology Enjoy the ride, Trek comfort technology is all about making it incredibly easy for you to get on a bike and have fun.

Super-stable Handling This is our most stable, easiest-handling bike. You wont feel like you're going to tip over, even when you're rolling slow, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Alpha Gold Aluminum Our high-performance lightweight aluminum is continuously cold extruded and butted, and formed into manipulated tube shapes to balance strength with weight saving.

Mid Motor Placement The RIDE+ motor is housed around the bottom bracket, keeping the center of balance lower for the ultimate in stability, comfort, and control.

Down tube battery The RIDE+ battery is attached to the frame's down tube for accessibility, utility, and convenience. In addition to providing weight balance, the down tube placement frees up the rear rack for commuter cargo.

Long-range battery RIDE+ bikes are equipped with long-lasting lithium ion batteries for quick chargers, sustained power, and confidence on even the longest rides.

Lights See and be seen. Extend your riding hours with high-visiblity headlights and taillights.

Fenders Fenders make it easy to go by bike, keeping you cleaner and drier in less-than-perfect conditions.

Puncture-resistant tires Tough Bontrager Hard-Case tires help keep flats from slowing you down.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes on RIDE+ bikes offer the ultimate in stopping power and braking precision, so you can ride with confidence and control under power.

Adjustable Stem Set handlebar height to your ideal position with an easy-to-use adjustable stem.

Ergo grips Specially designed grips take your hand shape into account for more comfort and greater control.

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