2015 Cleary Owl 20" Single-speed

$ 305.00 $ 335.00

Riding a bike should be fun.  It certainly shouldn’t be stressful or scary.  Cleary Bikes were created to thrill kids.  Riding a Cleary Bike is truly a joyful experience. They roll smoothly, they’re quiet, and they look sleek.  We see our bikes as fun tools, not toys. Kids know the difference because the quality that distinguishes our bikes is evident in every facet of their construction.  It can be felt in every pedal stroke. They honed down their bike design until they had something simple to use, nearly indestructible, and cool looking.

  • Crazy light at 19.1 lbs. Durable and fun to ride.
  • This bike will perform on the half-pipe, the trail, and on the way to school
  • Front and rear hand brakes (ships with cool, FLAT handle bars)
  • Slim, junior race-style saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing and weight
  • 5mm Allen skewer on front wheel
  • Internal cable routing 
  • Three-piece crank, Square taper bottom bracket
  • Reinforced steel fork
  • Single speed drivetrain with removable chain guard
  • Grips, handlebars and brake levers designed for small hands; slightly larger than on the Starfish and Gecko
  • Bike geometry centers the rider’s weight between his or her hands and seat, which creates a stable, quick-handling bike
  • 32x19 gear ratio
  • Comes in Easy Grey and Cleary Blue
  • Best for rider inseam of 21" to 27"

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