Cleary Starfish 12" Balance Bike

$ 175.00 $ 205.00

Riding a bike should be fun.  It certainly shouldn’t be stressful or scary.  Cleary Bikes were created to thrill kids.  Riding a Cleary Bike is truly a joyful experience. They roll smoothly, they’re quiet, and they look sleek.  We see our bikes as fun tools, not toys. Kids know the difference because the quality that distinguishes our bikes is evident in every facet of their construction.  It can be felt in every pedal stroke. They honed down their bike design until they had something simple to use, nearly indestructible, and cool looking.

  • Ridiculously light
  • 5mm Allen skewer on front wheel
  • Fully adjustable saddle and handlebars will last at least one growth spurt
  • Semi-slick tires
  • Slim, junior race-style bike saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing
  • Internal cable routing
  • Grips, handlebars and brake levers designed for the littlest hands
  • Bike geometry designed to comfortably position first-time riders with two hands on the handlebars, seat on the saddle and feet on the ground
  • Variable speed, Fred Flintstone style

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