As always, we appreciate your support... December 11 2014, 0 Comments

As many of you are already aware, two windows were broken at our shop on Sunday night during demonstrations in Berkeley for Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and others killed by police. We are deeply grateful to the marchers who intervened to prevent anyone from taking bikes or entering our shop, to all the people who helped us clean up all the broken glass, and to everyone who has contacted us to express their love & concern. We’re relieved that no one was injured in the process of looking out for us, and we are heartened to see the outpouring of concern & involvement for issues of justice in our society.

Some people have been asking how they can help or expressing concern about our expenses, or even offering donations. We want to reassure you & let you know that while we are touched by these gestures, we are not in need of donations at this time. But as a small worker-owned enterprise, we do depend on you.  So the best way for concerned people to support us & ensure that we continue to stick around, is simply through supporting us by coming to us with your cycling needs.  If you don't need anything right now, write a review or tell your friends about us, or keep in touch with us through social media or by joining our email list.

You can also support us by supporting the communities we are all a part of.  Grow our community of cyclists by joining or volunteering for our hard-working advocates at Bike East Bay, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Marin Bicycle Coalition, & others. Support other worker-owned businesses & spread awareness of the cooperative movement. And please take steps to contribute to the fight for social justice in ways that feel meaningful & important to you.


PS - If you see boards over our windows in the coming days, don't worry!  It's just a precaution.