Jamis Beatnik

$ 369.00

4/3/2020 IN STOCK: 58CM



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Secure Stops

We include front and rear brakes in our specification. The calipers are a “long-reach” type allowing for greater tire width choices and fender installation.


Ride Fixed or Free

Whether you prefer to ride fixed or free, we’ve got you covered with a Flip-Flop rear hub and fixed cogs already installed.


Real Steel

There is simply no better material better suited for the rigors of urban riding than steel. Unlike aluminum, steel naturally damps or absorbs the shocks and vibrations of city streets. Aluminum simply transmits it, like a tuning fork, which is why aluminum frames are often criticized for their “harsh” riding qualities. Besides, on a fixie, where vintage reigns, skinny steel frame tubes are just right.


Steering Style

The Beatnik’s short length flat bar and threadless alloy stem can be flipped to a 10-degree positive position depending on rider preference.


SST Means “Custom”

Our SST (size-specific tubing) engineering protocol employs smaller-diameter frame sections for smaller frames and larger ones for bigger frames, for more consistent ride quality across all frame sizes.

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