The Missing Link has launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to help get us through the pandemic. If you like what we do, and are in a position to help us keep going, please consider donating (or spreading the word) today! ❤️❤️❤️



For Sales or Repairs you can email us at workers@missinglink.org, or set up an appointment by clicking here or using the form below.


The Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative was started by a group of UC Berkeley students in 1971 in the basement of the university's Student Union building, and incorporated in 1973. Since the beginning we've been worker owned. And more than 40 years later we're still here. 

We come from various backgrounds of the cycling community: we commute, we race, we tour, we are parents, we're students. But something we all share is an appreciation for bikes, our craft, and the environment. Over the years some of us come and go, but in the end we all run this shop together. Through thick and thin.

Running a cooperative is no easy feat, but we are committed to each other, our community, bikes, and a more sustainable world. Thank you for supporting us.

Why Shop Co-Op?


Doing it Better, Together 
At other businesses, most of the people you deal with are just there to get their paycheck and go home. At a worker co-op, you will be talking to someone who is invested in the quality of their service, the quality of their product and ultimately the quality of the business as a whole.

Efficient from the ground up 
Businesses run by single owners or absentee boards tend to come up with systems that make sense only on paper. Businesses run by people who work there, adopt practices that make sense.

Affordable without Exploitation 
Cut out bloated CEO salaries, shareholder profit demands and the owner's mansion, and you get appropriately compensated workers AND better prices.


Built with Values
Built with Values where the bottom line for a traditional business is making money for the owner, worker co-ops are communities of people who have come together for a common goal. Sustaining their business financially is one goal, but almost never the only one.

Green by Nature
Worker co-op members have to care about the environmental effects of their operation, because they are the ones working and living in that environment every day. 

Strong Local Economies
Because the workers who operate the business own it, there is no outside entity to take the profits and spend it elsewhere. Most money spent at a worker-owned business will stay in your local community.

Invest in the Community
Co-op workers tend to live in the community they work in, so they are more likely to understand and invest in the needs of the community.

Democracy All Day
Many of us spend the majority of our waking hours in a workplace. No matter how democratic our political system becomes, if our workplaces continue to be private dictatorships we will never be free. If your vision of a better society is one of expanded democratic space, then you will want to support democratic workplaces.