Fix-A-Flat Class + Mechanic Q&A

We are stoked to be offering a series of Educational Workshops at the store!


Dear bike friends, Join us for our Winter Workshop Series!

Whether you are touring, riding trails, commuting, cruising around town, or racing, it can be useful, satisfying, and even fun to know how to fix-a-flat and have your questions answered about keeping your bike running.

In our demonstration classes, we first de-mystify the functions of the various parts. Then we offer step-by-step instructions for the most common repairs and adjustments, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes and frustrations. We're pretty experienced teachers, and we offer helpful knowledge for beginners and experts alike.

Join us! There will be snacks!





Monday -- 11/19/2018 Mini Tune Up

Wednesday -- 11/28/2018 Flat Fix / Chain

Thursday --12/6/18  Bike Fit // Geometry

Monday -- 12/10/18 Gears

Wednesday -- 12/19/18  Wheels and Hubs

Sunday 1/7/19 Headset and BB

Wednesday 1/16/19 Mini Tune up

Tuesday 1/22/18 Commuting / clips / pedals

Tuesday 2/5/19 Wheels(truing)

Wednesday 2/13/19 Touring and Bikepacking


Follow the Link to sign up!