Thank You Phil


Hello Missing Linkers and former Missing Linkers!

We are gathering together to celebrate and say, "THANK YOU!!  to Phil "Woo Woo" Woosley for his decades of dedication and hard work to this cooperative that many of us have come to love.

In addition to celebrating our time with Phil, we would like to celebrate those of you who have worked with us and to whom we owe a party!

When: Saturday, December 10th starting at 8PM

Where: 1988 Shattuck at University : The Link!

Please: RSVP to

Please: Please bring something delicious. We will be providing food and beverages, but we ask that you bring food, drinks, or treats to share.

Who's invited: Well you, if you are reading this unlisted web page. But we are inviting all old-school Linkers, current-day Linkers, of course husbands and wives of old and new Linkers, and friends of Philly Woo. Children are welcome (but you have to watch them). Just make sure you RSVP to

When you RSVP, please send us some old photos from your era at ML. We will post them on this page. (Only those with this link can view.)