Repair Services

Drop off your bike any time or call to make an appointment!

Have your bike tuned or repaired by our expert mechanics! Call (510) 843-7471 to make an appointment for same-day service. All appointments must arrive by noon on your scheduled day and the bike will be completed by 7pm. You may also drop off your bike before your appointment day.

Weekend repairs are available for walk-ins only, larger repairs will be scheduled for a weekday appointment.

Estimates for repair appointments are free. 

All work performed (except flat repair) is guaranteed for 30 days.


One of the most frequent questions we get is "how much does a tune-up cost?" and the answer is... it depends! In contrast with how a lot of other bike shops do it, we offer all of our repair services a la carte, to ensure that the work you pay for specifically matches the work your bike actually needs. To make this work smoothly, we give free repair estimates on the spot. The work itself may be scheduled for a later date, but price quotes can be quickly given for walk-ins. We have an extensive labor menu that determines our pricing - too much to publish here - but here are some of the costs of common jobs:

  • Flat fix: $11 + cost of tube (~$8)
  • Brake pad replace (includes adjustment): ~$10 parts + $17-22 labor
  • Brake adjust: $13-20 labor
  • Brake cable replace and adjust: $4 parts + $20 labor
  • Derailleur adjust: $17-24
  • Derailleur cable replace and adjust: $4 parts + $24 labor
  • Replace chain: $16 + cost of chain
  • Basic wheel true: $20
  • Hub cone adjust: Front $13, rear $19
  • Tape road bars: $22
  • Bleed hydraulic disc brakes: $33

The final cost of your repair job will be determined by your mechanic.

Crash Estimates

If you have been involved in an accident and need documentation for insurance purposes we charge $15-$30. This is refundable with any repairs made on the bike.


After nearly two decades of having a separate repair shop on the East side of Shattuck, we have officially closed the doors to our Annex.  All repairs will take place at our main store 1988 Shattuck. Thank you for your memories with us, and we will see you across the street!

Call (510) 843-7471 to make an appointment.


Bottom photo Bill Sparks 1986!