2016 Jamis Aurora

$ 799.00 $ 910.00

 These are the road bikes for smart cyclo-tourists and urban speedsters. Our legendary Reynolds steel chassis assure unbeatably robust performance and resilient ride-damping you’ll appreciate while loaded up and bombing around on the streets and rural backroads. This is magic carpet ride stuff, especially for full-pannier touring and rough-road adventures.

Real Reynolds Steel

Reynolds pioneered the techniques of making butted tubing around the turn of the century, and their 531 manganese-molybdenum alloy tubing was the standard of excellence for many decades. The Aurora Elite features a new generation of Reynolds steel: 631 seamless, air-hardened/cold-worked chrome-moly frame tubes. On the Aurora, it’s Reynolds 520 double-butted cro-mo.

ATS for Comfort and Fit

The clever and patented ATS steering system allows you to quickly and easily adjust your stem height. Feeling a little tight in the back after the first few days of your long-distance tour? Pull that stem height up for some relief. Then drop it back down when that back loosens up.

Water Jet Cut Dropouts

Water jet cutting forms the elegant dropout of the Aurora Elite. Why? Using ultra-high pressure jets of water mixed with abrasives to cut the dropouts doesn’t interfere with the steel’s inherent structure, as there is no “heat-affected zone” from the cutting. The result? Great looks and a stronger frame.

Stopping Power

A powerful braking system is a must for fully loaded touring or commuting in traffic. The Aurora Elite delivers with TRP HYRD hydraulic disc brakes that work powerfully rain or shine. While the Aurora offers the always reliable and light Tektro 992 cantilevers.


Longer, full-coverage alloy fenders with a front radius of 140° and a rear radius of 200° are designed to fully protect both rider and bike from rainwater sloughing off spinning wheels. The full-coverage design, complete with mud flaps, have a consistent inside fender radius and rolled edges to keep water inside the fender, and off your feet and drivetrain.

Load ‘er Up

Check out the full complement of braze-on’s: Fenders? Check, Rear Carrier? Check, Lowriders? Yup.... the Aurora series has it all covered.

Bar-End Shifters

When you’ve finally set out on that life-changing journey, nothing can change your life faster than having your integrated shift/brake levers fail miles from civilization. Bar-end shifters are more resistant to damage than STI shifters because they’re mechanically simpler and you can turn off the indexing in the event of a bent hanger or dropout that prevents the shift indexing from working properly. Another advantage: you are less prone to numbness in the hands because you move them about more, unlike with STI’s where there’s more of a tendency to ride for long periods of time on the lever hoods.


The Aurora Elite’s Clement X Plor USH 35mm adventure tires are designed with a combination of firm center ridge and diamond-shaped side knobs that provides low rolling resistance and optimal on/off road-holding capabilities even with the additional weight of loaded touring. The Vittoria Randonneur tires on the Aurora features an Aquaflow tread pattern for secure riding in conditions wet or dry and Double Shielding puncture protection for long tube and tire life.


  • Aurora's 27-speed Tiagra/Sora drivetrain features a long-cage rear derailleur that enables Jamis to offer a wide range 11-32T cassette block. While the microSHIFT friction/index bar-end shifters provide easy on-the-road maintenance and cable replacement.
  • FSA's Alpha Drive triple-ringed 48/36/26T crankset in tandem with the 11-32T cassette offers a large range of gear ratios for comfortable & secure riding both up & down.
  • The Aurora's wheelset is stoutly built with 36 spokes, laced in a 3-cross pattern in both wheels to durable Alex eyeleted, double-wall rims and reliable Shimano Tiagra hubs.
  • Jamis ATS adjustable-height stem system is much lighter than angle adjustable stems and adjusts handlebar height more easily & quickly too.
  • There’s plenty of clearance for a 40mm knobby tire or a 35mm with fenders. 45mm full coverage alloy fenders, with a front radius of 140° and 200° rear including mud flap, will fully protect both rider and bike from rain water sloughing off spinning wheels.

Jamis Aurora (full spec list)

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