Kenda Tomac Small Block 8

$ 39.99

Kenda Tomac Small Block 8 Cross DTC Clincher: Racing and Riding Impressions: The beauty of clincher tires is that changing tires is a snap. Plan to hit the dirt on the cyclocross bike? Got a dirt or gravel road on your commute? Live where it doesn’t rain for months? The Tomac Small Block 8 tire may be the tire for you. It rolls smoothly on pavement, and its dense assortment of stiff knobs provides great traction and predictable handling on hardpack. It’s reasonably light and supple, and is fine on dry grass, but when it starts to get wet and sloppy, it’s time to switch to something else, as the tire packs in mud and wet grass. A great tire for summer riding or racing in drier climates, like Colorado and California.

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