Cycleaware Reflex Helmet Mirror

$ 19.99

The CycleAware Reflex Bicycle Helmet Mirror is the ultimate hassle-free solution for urban and recreational cyclists. The unique, "Gumby"-like Kraton covered wire makes this mirror the first (and only) flexible and fully adjustable helmet mirror. The large, oval-shaped mirror provides a generous field of view and its vertical aspect increases the depth of field, so you'll be able to see more than with other mirrors. The durable base can permanently adhere to all bicycle helmets and the mirror detaches easily. At 0.7 ounces, it's so light that its weight is virtually unnoticeable to the wearer.

  • Adjust or remove Reflex easily
  • No Hassle Installation
  • Removable
  • Extra Wide Angle View
  • Fits On All Helmets
  • Stays in Adjustment
  • Weighs only 0.7 ounces (21.8 grams)

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