Surly Long Haul Trucker

$ 1,350.00

We order from our Surly distributor 1-2 times every week, and can get any size you need really quickly! Call us at 510-843-7471 or come by the shop. 5/21/19 in stock:

  • 46cm Cakipants
  • 50cm Black
  • 52cm Black
  • 56cm Black
  • 58cm Black
  • 60cm Black
  • 62cm Cakipants

Long Haul Trucker is a pure-bred drop bar touring bike suitable for traveling anywhere in the world on mostly paved surfaces.

Designed for comfort while simultaneously hauling a lot of stuff long distances, many consider Long Haul Trucker to be the gold standard of touring bikes. It features everything a long-distance bicycle tourist would need when traversing the globe.

LHT’s applications go well beyond global touring. It’s a great option for what we refer to as "extreme commuting." That means more than just carrying your laptop and change of clothes with you. You have the capacity for whatever the day throws at you.

  • Every braze-on you’ll ever need: front and rear rack mounts, fender eyelets, water bottle bosses, spare spoke holder, pump peg
  • Available in 26” (sizes 42–58 cm) and 700c (sizes 56–62 cm) wheel diameters
  • Rim brake-specific (if disc brakes are more your thing, check out the Disc Trucker)
  • Clearance for 26” x 2.1” tires with or without fenders (26” platform) or 700c x 42mm with fenders, 45mm without fenders (700c platform)

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