The Pitfalls of Online and "Big Box" Bikes November 18 2014, 0 Comments

Are you envisioning sharing the joy of cycling with someone special this holiday season, with a shiny new bike? Here are our top 10 reasons why you should buy from a local bike shop and not a department store or online.

1. Knowledge. We focus on bikes; it's what we know and love. We can recommend the right bike for  you or your child based on riding style, experience, and age and ability level, and offer advice on everything from helmet fitting to local cycling events. You won't find that at the department store.

2. Service and Support. All new bikes will need readjustment after your first few rides to keep them working properly.  That's why when you buy from us, you get a year of free tune-ups and the confidence that our mechanics can help you with any issue you may experience, throughout the life of the bike.  That's something a big box store can't provide.

3. Professional Assembly. All our bikes come assembled by trained mechanics and are checked over again before they are sold.  When it comes to department store bikes, we've seen it all - brakes that don't work, forks installed backwards, you name it!  And we've watched many customers spend hours in frustration trying to assemble their online "bike in a box" purchases.  Having a shop assemble it for you can add $100 to the cost of the bike.

4. Quality and Safety. A bicycle is a vehicle, and you're depending on it not to fail! When you buy a correctly assembled bike from a respected brand, you know you're getting something that will last. Department store bikes & bikes sold online are more cheap toy than road-worthy bicycle.

5. Warranty. When you buy from a local shop like the Missing Link, if anything goes wrong, we are here to help. Our bikes co
me with manufacturer's frame warranties from Trek, Bianchi, Surly, Jamis, Linus, & Dahon, and components are covered by warranty for a minimum of one year.


6. The Right Fit. A bike that fits is easier to ride & won't hurt your body, so getting the right size and having it properly adjusted is important.  Mass merchants do not offer this service.

7. Demo. We provide the opportunity to try before you buy. If you or your child would like to test ride a bike, it's no problem - in fact, we encourage it! We also have a 30-day exchange policy on all new bikes, so you can be confident in your purchase.

8. Trade-in Policy. We accept bicycle trade-ins, which is a big help to parents if your child has outgrown their existing bike. And when they outgrow this one, we'll be here to help you with the next size up!

9. Support the Local Economy. When you shop local, more of your money will stay in your community to benefit your friends and neighbors. And local shops like Missing Link give back to the community in many direct ways as well.  You may even have seen us helping out at events in the cycling community or at your child's school.

10. Human Connection. Wouldn't you rather buy from someone who cares? Department store clerks usually aren't Bike People, and their relationship with you ends as soon as you leave the store. Let us share our passion for bikes with you!