Bianchi Via Nirone (Claris and Sora)

$ 850.00

None available as of 10/9/2020. ETA is late November 2020.

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Back in 1885, the address of Eduardo Bianchi’s workshop was 7 Via Nirone. 

The Via Nirone is one of the original endurance race geometry bikes that pioneered this category over a decade ago. Riders seeking a quick and comfortable day in the saddle will find it aboard the Via Nirone. It utilizes our proven K-VID (Kevlar Vibration Isolation Device) vibration damping technology in its carbon fork, a triple butted, hydroformed aluminum frame, as well as BAT (Bianchi Active Technology) to optimize the rider’s sitting and pedaling position on the bike. 

Geometry shared with the Infinito allows you to steer confidently at speed, stay relaxed while riding faster and farther with more comfort.

Endurance Racing bikes are performance road bikes made comfortable, not comfort-oriented road bikes.

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