Surly Straggler

$ 1,549.00

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Update as of 7/2/2020: Surly Stragglers will become available in late Summer 2020--we're guessing they'll be in the shop by September. Call us to check if more specific details are available, yet, during these relatively unpredictable times.


Born on Gravel. Raised on Pavement

Straggler is tuned for cross-over exploration on a wide variety of terrain conditions. It’s a day-tripper and a weekender. It’s a ‘rough road’ road bike, a cyclocross bike with no pretense about racing, a utilitarian townie, a light-duty touring bike and an all-weather commuter. It’s a steel gravel bicycle that thrives on the road. Think of it as a “mountain biker’s road bike.” If you only have room for one bike in your life, Straggler can (and should) be your one and only.

Straggler’s capabilities go well beyond asphalt. It also lends itself well to light touring setups. We're talking frame bags, seat bags, and "credit card touring” rather than full-blown touring. Straggler also handles our 8- and 24-Pack Racks well, so you have some heavier-duty loading options.

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